Viacom vs DirecTV, AMC vs DISH, etc etc

Where does it all end

job-fails-in-this-corner-we-have-two-spoiled-siblingsViacom (Comedy Central, MTV, Nicelodeon,etc) and DirectTV are fighting over which Viacom channels DirectTV will carry.  DirectTV blocked all of Viacom’s channels and in response Viacome removed the Dailiy Show and free episodes of Jersey Shore off the internet, which they were supposing DirectTV’s customers were using to watch the show as an alternative. 

What’s going on is the networks, like Viacom, charge the providers, Direct TV, Dish, Time Warner, etc. to air their programs.  They in turn use their subscriber charges to pay those charges.  Never mind all the commercials the network and local provider throw in there. 

DISH has blocked AMC channels for the same reason.  AMC responded by streaming Breaking Bad online for free.  Some companies have customers thoughts in mind.. or at least want to appear that way.