garfield_newyear2There is an old Garfield comic that i was actually looking for.. Garfield was laying in his bed, covers over his head.. first pane reads, “So this is 1980” (or some year) , next pane he sticks his tongue out, and the final pane he’s covered in his bed again, “Taste the same”

This year does not taste the same.  I’m at a new job, in a new city, in a new house going to a new church.  From the first time I made my first trip to Dallas to do some work out here I knew that i needed to pay attention on how to get around the town.  I figured i might be spending a lot of time up here.  Last July I got the offer for the job and made the move in December.

2013-06-15 11.54.28-1In the middle of all that Sam came into our lives.  When i first got the news that we were going to be grandparents i’ll admin that i was un-thrilled.  As time progressed I became to come to terms with the fact that there was going to be another person in our lives.  We didn’t plan for this so there would need to be some adjustments and so the plans began.  As the days became months and Sam finally arrived, he showed up at the same time i was battling a severe cold.  I didn’t even get to meet him until after returning from a trip to Dallas.  And getting over that cold.  From the time i met him, my life was changed from that moment on.  I didn’t realize that my heart would have room for another person and to allow him to consume as much as my heart as i let him.  Not only was a child born but a grandpa was created.  Papa John as i would come to be know was.  It’s amazing how someone so small can change your entire life.  i find my mind wandering during work thinking about Sam and then next time i’ll get to see him.

hacked title

In october my virtual private server that ran the domains of myself and several clients got hacked.  One sunday morning we are at church and one of the media guys was checking the church site and noticed it didn’t look right.  I immediately parked the sites and started digging.  It was a very sophisticated exploit kit used against one of my plugins.  Ended up losing all of the data attachments for every domain.  I had backups of the database but all the attachments were lost.  Since then all of my domains are backed up, locally to my host, and remotely to AWS.  Funny (not) how i was thinking of setting that up shortly before the worst week.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin GermanyIn september I became an employee of the Dallas center but continued working at Weslaco until i made the move in December.  One of the first things I did for Dallas was travel to Berlin for a conference.  I didn’t even go as a participant of the conference as much as an observer.  Checking out the ways the conference was put together and ran, in preparation for doing the same type of event in Dallas.  Spent about a week out there with a day layover in London.  I got to visit Amy who I hadn’t seen in years, but i was also sick with a head cold and it was a sunday.  apparently nothing is opened on sunday.  much like germany before 10am.

at the end of november we packed up everything we owned and began saying goodbye to all the relationships we had Night sky at AGCCdeveloped over the years.  my church which i had been a part of since 97.  from the first time i walked to the sound booth and said if they ever need help to running the entire media dept.  all the media “boys” that we’ve raised up.  all the friends we’ve created.  the Leals who have been a close to family as I have ever had.  I’ve watch all of their kids grow up into wonderful young adults.  leaving my parents, sisters and brother.  everything.

2013-12-04 10.14.28on the first of december the moving truck arrived and patti and i drove up to meet them in dallas.  we got the house loaded and she flew back home.  i got to work for a day or two then the ice storm hit.  they say it was the worse they had seen since the superbowl ice storm.  i hunkered down with the cats and spent the next 4 days locked in the house, the living room actually with the fireplace and 4 blankets.

my brother isaac got married.  So did rich troche.2013-02-09 15.27.48

893959_10202756903192135_830449120_o around April i attended covenant church for the first time.  One service and that was all it took.  i knew right away that was the place for us.  I immediately made contact with their Executive Director of Media & Marketing.  Once we moved here we began making efforts to plug in and become a part of the church.  ready to start a new chapter in our lives and new relationships rooted in solid foundations.

it’s going to be hard to rebuild our entire lives but not many people get a chance to do it all over.  this is going to be fun interesting.   a new chance to see what this family can accomplish.  to see what this area has to offer and to see what God’s plan is coming up.