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As much as we screw up…

This weekend Patti and i took part in a class at our new church called "The Story of God"  Through this two day class we went through the stories of the bible in a way I never had taught before.  it wasn't a sermon, it wasn't a lecture, and it wasn't a reading.  it was God's story told as a just that.. a story.  As the stories were told, we engaged in discussion taking in-depth looks at what was happening and how it was fitting together.  Although i took many things away from the lesson, one of the things that stuck out was just how much a screw up mankind really was/is.  From the time of Adam and Eve, Abraham, Jacob, Aaron, Moses.. all of the greats still managed to get things wrong.   As many times as we went wrong, disobeyed and decided to follow our own path rather than the direction we were sopoused to, God was "Just and Perfect" he corrected the wrong action, he shielded them from further harm and he continued to use them as vessels.

He loved his creation as his own, as a part of himself, that He wanted more than anything to have a relationship with His creation.  He made covenants with His people, "I will be your God and You will be My people"

As a new grandpa i'm finding myself watching over Sam wanting to protect him from anything that can hurt him.  He doesn't know that if he crawls off the bed he'll get hurt.  At time i want to pad all the sides of his crib so that on his unsteady feet, if he was to fall he wouldn't bang his head on the sides of the crib.

As a parallel i can see how God would watch over us and protect us from things that we didn't realize were harmful.  He loves us so much that he corrects and chastens our actions.  He wants to be with us and have a relationship with us.  I want to be around Sam as much as i can and have a relationship with him.  When i'm away at work i find myself anticipating the time i get to be back with Him.  So does God.  When we astray and turn away, we are missed.. and just like the parodical son, God is waiting for us to return and put that family ring back on and clam us as His.

The story goes on to describe what God has asked of us.  That is to make disciples.  The story teller during this class asked us point blank, who are we discipling.  I got some work ahead of me now...

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