40 days till?

It was a nice cozy 65 today.  i went to taco bell for lunch and just about everyone there has on jackets and coats on.  yeah you know your in the valley.  Last night was a long night.  We’re going to be broadcasting the Silverado’s game which starts Saturday.  Billy wanted to run it out of the old kvns studio which meant wiring it up.  Wasn’t as much work as i was thinking it would be.  Just needed to find the off-air send for that room, wireup the getner hybrid with phone lines, and take the program output from the room back into the ACU for that station (ASERV#3, input#4)

While i was there i needed to apply updates for the MS updates, but none of the win2k machines needed reboots to take the updates so that made things even easier. 

i was driving to work and was listening to KHID and they were playing some Bach coral music.  That’s when it hit me.. Christmas is sneaking up upon me.  I’ve always had a rule that i woudln’t get into the Christmas sprit until after i give thanks.  not that i’m a scrodge, but i don’t want thanks giving getting left out.  so i was listening to this chior and reminencing the christmas coral concerts that they usually hold at our church and i always get to run.  that’s when it really starts to feel like christmas. 

Christmas really is my favorite season.  i love the smells, the sights, the weather… i just wish it wasn’t so early.