Lost in Vana’diel

Last night, I felt uneasy about the set list for tonight’s service. I had it all planned out, like last week’s. In fact, tonight’s set list was planned since last week’s practice. Why did I feel uneasy? Is it because God doesn’t give a flip about my bloated plans? Possibly. I remember when the opportunity to be “a week ahead” came. It was the night we lost power in the youth building. I thought, maybe we can be “ahead of the game”. But looking back now, what does that even mean? Who are we trying to pull ahead of? I don’t know. The camp high is finally starting to fade, the real world is grinding down on people. You know, I have told myself time and again to just go nuts during worship and have fun. To let go and let God, if you’ll pardon the cliche. Does every worship leader go through this? Or do they have a clear idea of what is supposed to happen? Joe would have me believe I can know, with black and white certainty, the will of God. If that is true, then I guess I’m behind the pack, because I have no idea what I’m doing!

Anyway…I need to get to Algebra. May His will be done.

One thought on “Lost in Vana’diel”

  1. Schedule some time for me – I think we need some swing time (get your mind out of the gutter – I mean swing as in the front porch swing, silly).

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