42cents per letter

can you imagine having to pay to send a letter to someone? Belive it or not, there really is such a service that makes you pay 30some cents to send a letter. I don’t know why anyone would actually want to use such a service.. especially now a days. just hit send and volia.
I’m probably dating myself here but back when i was a kid, we just had to put a quarter in the mailbox along with the envelope.
I mean, the concept of the whole program isn’t that bad. I can stick a letter in the mailbox and about a buck and it can go all way way across the globe. Here at the radio station we also get letter’s from people across the globle who are able to pick up our AM signal. There is actually a hobby of people who listen to distance stations (DX Listening) and they mail us with a post card or saying.. is this you? and we mail them back… yes it’s us.
So now they are talking about raising the price to 42 cents per stamp. But they also want to sell “forever stamps” so that if the price to day is 42 cents, then you pay 42 cents and get this stamp that will be good when ever. even if the price is raised to 3 dollars, you can still use this stamp to send stuff that only cost you 42 cents. of course if the price raises, so does the cost of new forever stamps.. but you get the idea. I think the only time i ever have to use a stamp is when i send my irs check.