5 years ago

i was working at church doing some editing or something.  i used to work mornings at church lunch with patti and afternoons with jeff at twin.  patti called me and said i heard what happened?  i hadn’t.. she said to turn on the tv.  what channel?  any channel.  so i turned on the first channel i found, nbc i think.. and there was the world trade center with one of the buildings on fire.  i though.. oh wow.. someone accidently few into the tower.  stuipd people. 

a few years ago i got to walk through new york.  amy and i were walking around the business district.. i dont’ think we had an agenda of where to go or what to do.. but in the midst of walking all of a sudden there was a change in the atmosphere.  the constant noise, cars, honking, whistles and every other noise you could imagine all seamed to fade away.  i noticed a big contruction area we were walking around and about that moment i realized where i was.  it was a very sombering moment.