707-955-3042 Another Credit Card Scam

Photo Jan 26, 12 06 13 PMThe bad guys are limiting themselves here a bit. 

“From x97329@nextel.com

7079553042: Dear H&R Block customer your EmeraldCard has been locked.  Call 7079553042 to unlock it.”

They are hoping that who ever get’s this text message is an H&R Block customer and that they have an EmeraldCard.  So you call back the number and then you have to key in your entire credit card number, expiration date and your PIN. 

The voices are all computer readouts, no actual voice recordings.  the IVR is pretty advanced.  It challenges the number you key with the actual structure of mastercard.  So I threw in a test MC just to see what would happen.  Sure enough they tried to run charges through using the bogus data sent over. 

If your reading this then your part of an audience that is SURELY cleaver enough not to fall for this sort of scam but perhaps someone may “google” that number and be pre-warned of such a silly attempt.