So i got this message from “Bank of America”
from: bankofamerica@locked.com

Message from Bank Of American. Debit Mastercard Locked. Please call : 8882119377

So I figure, sure i’ll bite. From a spoofed number I dial and wait to see what i get. In a computer synthesized voice, “Thank you for calling bank of America, we regret to inform you that your card has been locked. Press 1 to unlock and 2 to leave.” so i press 1. then it asks for my 16 digit card number. I try a fake 123456 sequence first. They have an algorithm in place to verify for proper card placement. Ok fine.. i’ll use a “real” card number.
This one took, then they asked for:
expiration date
pin number
and last 4 digits of the social security number.

they even built in a “please wait will you card is being reactivated”, 5 second pause, “your card has been reactivated”.

A few things stand out here that it’s not real. first of all, i don’t have a bank of america debit card, a valid intuition wouldn’t have a synthesized voice in their IVR. And they wouldn’t ask for all that information. at most perhaps a portion of that data. The safest way to see if your card really is “locked” is to call the institution directly, (not with the number provided in the email) and SPEAK to someone about your account.

One thought on “8882119377”

  1. Sooner or later, Google will find all new spam methods.

    Based on their experience, they could know how much is required before going into details.
    But it seems Memorial Day wasn’t important enough to Google.

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