8th Grade Formal

5-16-08 Formal 028

Wow.. that was so much fun.  I have to admit, i didn’t know what i was getting myself into when i said “ok” but looking back.. i’m glad i didn’t pass up on this oppurnaity.  I can’t begin to tell you how much fun i had.  Patti got to do soldier boy with hannah, and during the father-daughter dance, hannah pulled me up there to dance with her.  That was really cool.  I got to hang out with a few adults, and just as the party was winding down, got to pull off guard duty at the door. 

I really like that kid.  She keeps me feeling young.  and we get to share alot of interest.  She’s a wiz at computers, she likes photography.. oh we have that workshop thing tommrow.  i have to pack a sack lunch.   She’s not a kid anymore, she’s almost out of 8th grade, about to start high-school.  Pretty soon all of the kids will be out of school.  Then what?  AARP?

It was kind of funny seeing the girls stumbling in their high heals, and the guys in their oversized jackets.  after the first few dances the shoes were off and the jackets were on the floor.  We just got home.  My body is tired but i can’t get my mind turned off yet.  oh well.. let’s see what ICHCB has…