9 days left

Hitman just asked me what today’s date was.  I looked and it said the 17th.  Yikes.  that means that in less than 10 days, 9 to be exact.  I’m going to be married.  It seams like it was just a few months ago i was sitting at the title company buying a house.  now i’m about to tie the knot.  The kind of day you always think about growing up.  One day when i get married…. 

Well.. that one day is 9 days away.  The guys are talking about doing something this weekend, which just means i’m going to have to cram as much as i can into these next few days, getting things ready, finishing touches and somewhere in there say goodbye to my “bachelor to the rapture” philophsy.

2 thoughts on “9 days left”

  1. You can always call it off if you feel you need to. Its not like anyone is holding a gun to your head.

  2. call it off? are you kidding? haven’t you read been reading what i’ve been saying these past days? this is what i’ve been waiting for for a long time. Others who know me could tell you of my desire to want to do this for as long as they probably know me. The people who will be at the ceremony like Lee Thomas, Gloria, Olga, all can attest to my desire to want to get married. However that doesn’t mean that i don’t get nervous before big productions. How long did i spend in the bathroom paying homage to the porcilen god before you pulled off words from the cross? not because i was sick, well i felt like bats were in my stomach, but just because of nerves.
    as long as you don’t lock your knees, you’ll be fine they keep teling me.

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