a long night at the radio station..

and i don’t even work there anymore!  Tuesday evening there was some really bad storms, i was driving to the weekly tuesday evening dinner at the Leals and i was listening to 105.5 just for a change of pace.  When i was about to the 281 interchange i heard the signal go silent.  i was going to flip to the other dials but a few seconds later it was back on.  ok.. that was weird but not really my problem anymore.  a few moments later Milton is calling in a panic. 

Well.. 8 hours later pretty much came to the conclusion that lightening hit the tower and took out all of the video displays in all of the control rooms as well as a few other pieces of electronics including the entire phone system.  Toasted the cpu card.  all that the phones were showing on the display was “major alarm”

iPhone 040