a night of hope

Got back from Joel Olsteen’s meeting at the dodge arena this evening.  I went with an open mind and heart, not really expecting anything but left with optimism and hope.  A renewed hope of God’s promised for us and our lives.. and in the changes that are fixing to happen in our lives.

This week is going to be an exciting week.  Friday i got an email from of the places i’m applying with, they would like a 2nd informal on Tuesday, and i got a call from the other company i’m applying with, they were able to meet my salary requirements and would like to talk face to face.  we’re having dinner tomorrow.  So.. i’m confident that by the end of this week- I’ll have a course laid out for my future career.  I’m not looking for temporary work anymore.  i’m too old for that.  i’m ready to find an employer that i can be with for years to come.  an company i can retire with.  Randell is retiring in two weeks from the FD.  24 years of service.  That can be me some day.

Joel had a good message.  He’s a great inspirational speaker.. and has scripture to back up what he says.  It was something i needed to hear.  especially as a kick off to this week.  Now lets see what God has in store..