a record time

last night we changed out a part at the ktex transmitter in 6 minutes flat.  I was quite impressed.  mr meek was back in the ER so adrian and I did it ourselves.  last night was light the night.  that went off ok.. but i can’t stress enough to these kids the need for a proper sound check.  not just get on the stage and set there monitors and walk off.  so i got home around 1am, then back up early.  i think every elem. school in edinburg had all of there chior kids putting on a concert this evening.  so i had to get there early this morning and setup for them.  i didn’t have any intention on sticking around very long though.  300 snot nosed kids all up on that stage.. no thanks.  then they wanted to do projections with powerpoint.  so i told them just get their projector and aim it at the screen.. the can do all the projections they wanted.  “oh..” was all they had to say about that.  the eletrician working on the generator at hotkiss asked me if i understood how the control system worked for the new generator and for the transfer panel.  i said yeah.  and he asked if i could hook it up because he was clueless.  Sure.. i’ll just deduct that from the $4800 we are already paying you do this.  *sigh* what else is going on today.  well the concert is tonight.  then tommrow ktex is doing a live broadcast from the dodge arena for braid paisley so i’m goign to be there all afternoon.  that night i’m helping my nephew with a powerpoint project he has, monday night we have to turn off hotkiss to finish the generator (so i have to wire up the control sometime before that) friday buckner is using the building but they usually bring there own equiptment.  i’ll need to reset the stage saturday morning, saturday eveing, the kids have races, monday am we start the new programs for KVNS (so i have to program those before then) next friday we start the 10 days of the stock show.  i’m just going to show some of the techs how to get that broadcast going.  hopefully i won’t have to spend any time out there.  um.. i think that’s about all i can think of that i have lined up. 

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  1. Yeah, getting a proper soundcheck would be ideal, but then this is a war that’s been going on for years (at least, when I was worship leader). Seriously, John. Two worship leaders later (Jimmy & myself) and you think YOU can convince them? Well, have fun ~(o_O)~.

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