A stay of execution

It looks like the calm wasn’t the end of it, but mearly time to make everyone wait it out. I’m really not worried.  Not that i think i’m imune from the hacket illness going around, or that i’m indespensible, I’m sure Ken could figure out how do do what i do around here.  It’s more a sense of reasurance.  No mater what goes down, we’re going to be able to get through it.  There’s no doubt about that.  January 20th looks like the current date set according to the news:

Wednesday, January 14th 2009

High anxiety around Clear Channel

January 20 Calendar Yep – January 20 sounds like the date Clear Channel’s planning to “do it.”

Yes, that is also Inauguration Day, and I’m again saying that it appears to be the day Clear Channel managers are instructed to take whatever personnel actions they’re going to. That’s what they were told at last week’s managers meetings in Dallas. Now – could that change, with an audible from San Antonio? Sure. But I’m increasingly confident that those personalized jump drives the market managers were handed contain the road map for what they’re supposed to do on January 20. That presumably would mean the RIFs would be taking place while most of the nation is watching the new president get sworn into office. How big are the rumored cuts? Are they really going to affect sales as much as or more than programming? Is there going to be more centralized “national programming” with the new 2009 budgets, and less local talent? I’ve heard and told you all those things, and we’ll just have to wait until next Tuesday, January 20 to start finding out. One former Clear Channel exec tells me “it’s a little sad that it’s dragging on so long there.” It must feel like purgatory.

So..  now it’s just wait and see.  Let’s try and get through this week.  Monday night was rehersal with the worship leader from Lakeland in florida, yesterday was the first service.  started at 7, by 9 they were starting the actual message.  and we have 6 days of this.  It’s going to be a long week.  And they are doing morning services too.  talk about burn out for my team.  after all of this, i’m thinking of postponing the sleep-over, work night.  This WILL be the last performance the mackie see’s in this building.  I’ll be putting in a 24 channel VLZ in it’s place until the Venue get’s here.  I’ve already preconfigured the system on my laptop.  when it does get here, after the physical instlation, all that will be left to do is transfer the config file on a usb drive and we’ll be in bussiness.