A Thought Occurs

With so much grumbling about the church lately, a thought occurs.

Whenever one mentions it, they refer to it as “[pastor’s] church”.  Whenever there is any complaint or whatnot, it’s always the same fallback answer: “it’s [pastor’s] church”.

What if it isn’t [pastor’s] church?

4 thoughts on “A Thought Occurs”

  1. It depends upon which church you are speaking of. If you are speaking of AGCC, its because it IS Pastor’s Church. There is no governing body above him, other than God. It IS his to do as he sees fit and it IS his to do as he pleases – and around there, that’s about the only answer that makes sense sometimes.

  2. I speak of nothing definite…(he said cryptically)

    Besides, it’s just a thought.

    I still don’t see the “sense” aspect though. If there is no governing body above him other than God, then why does it feel so…empty…?

    Maybe I’m just too young/old.

  3. it feels more like a bussiness sometime. and he’s the CEO. we’re just the worker drones doing what we can to keep the revenue up.

  4. Dont get me wrong, there IS a Board of Trustees, but I don’t see what the point is. They are not informed, nor is their counsel accepted – or appear to be wanted for that fact – and that comes from some of their own mouths.

    And just a thought: Pastor does whatever he does well as the Church seems to be successful – John, you witnessed that the other day with the writing of the check for the new equipment – but it seems to me that success should come in forms others than counting nickles, noses and numbers.

    As for the ministry part? that’s another story. But, where are you going to go?

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