A year ago today, I sat down to write the scarries

A year ago today, I sat down to write the scarriest letter I have ever written – to the the birth mother I never met.? My boss had just handed me the information that she found that led her to believe this was the family I had been searching for most of my adult life. As it turns out, the letter wound up in the hands of my brother – rather than the mother (which is?a good thing) and within a week, I had found and talked to my sister, and three brothers!? They had been looking for me for the last 15 years.? It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already as it seems we were never apart, but if you want to see pictures, look in John’s Gallery under the Kohrts folder.? You’ll see Dodo, Johnny and Michael.? I’m not sure if?David is there or not.? Joey died two years ago.? I’ve been Florida to meet some of them, but this Labor Day, everyone is coming to San Antonio for the first ever complete reuinion (well, without Joey), but the rest of us will be together.? It’s just amazing how?God’s timing works.?

?- actually that was the second round of hysteria… the first was telling you Johnny left a voice mail and you asked what he said.?After I told you I didnt know, I hadnt listened, you told me to listen to it.? So I did, then I called you back even more hysterical saying he told me to call him.? That’s when you asked if I called him, and when I said no, you told me to call him.? Meanwhile, everyone at Tracy and Marshall’s are in the living room listening to me crying hysterically through the walls but they don’t know why, and were too afraid to come see why.???

— Yeah.? I did break the door knob.? Thanks for remembering.