a year ago

It’s amazing to think that a year ago today, i was sleep-deprived, staying up till the cows came home getting things ready for the big event. I think we had the building setup mostly by now, and most of the decorations were in place.

Picture1 015

The evening would be the rehearsal. Right before rehearsal, Sandy and Tom wanted to meet with us so we went to my office and did a talk-thru of how things were going to happen. Up to this point it was all mostly in my head. It was the first time i read my vows outloud. When i heard them of course the came out all wrong. Funny how things look good on paper, but that’s all they look good on. It was the first time i got to hear patti’s vows too. after that it was like, wow.. i can’t be out done. I love her more, and i’m going to prove it. After it was all done, we went to the youth building with everyone waiting, and did a quick walk thru of everything. The Leal’s had memorized some scriptures and recited them that night. Those are actually some of our favorite scriptures, even today.Picture1 087

Thing are getting down to the wire… during the rehearsal we were playing some of the videos that would be played, um.. tomorrow, and there was something wrong with my video. It kept cutting off. Yeah, ended up being because i never finished the thing.

[flashvideo filename=http://rollcall.johnmunoz.net/weddingpart2.flv /]