Aaron’s All-time Top 5 Villains

Number 5:
Darth Vader (from the Star Wars saga)

*just in case: MINOR SPOILERS*

Now that Episode 3 is firmly behind us and the Star Wars cash machine has lost some steam, I finally feel comfortable naming my final villain. Yes, we all saw how Anakin turned to the dark side in Ep. 3, but even without that, Vader is a compelling bad guy. He’s not as pure evil as he seems (though anyone who abuses their spouse and murders children would probably have a hard time coming back to the good side), and he’s also very complex in his motivations. He’s also got that awesome red lightsabre. Sure, it’s not as fancy as Darth Maul’s light staff from Ep.1, but he still knows how to use it (see the novel Shadows of the Empire). Besides, I grew up on the original Star Wars trilogy. It would be shameful if a fanboy like myself didn’t name him as one of my top five. Anyway, that’s that and I’m out. I wonder what I should do for my next countdown.

PS: John, could you *please* make gamespy.com and xanga.com viewable from the church? I’m attempting to make my own blog-thingy and I’m using xanga. In case anyone is interested (though there’s not much), you can check out the little there is at http://www.xanga.com/gunslingersai

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