Aaron’s Top Five Villains:3) Gannon (The L

Aaron’s Top Five Villains:

3) Gannon (The Legend of Zelda)

The following reveals how much of a geek I truly am:

Gannon has taken many forms throughout the years.? He made his first appearance on the original NES game system way back in the day.? He makes the list because of how darn annoying he is in his pursuit of Princess Zelda and her Triforce.? If you don’t know what ANY of this means, I suggest you?head over to www.google.com and do a search, because I am NOT going to explain it all.? It’s just too darn much.? There have been many games in the Legend of Zelda series, and Gannon isn’t always the villain, but he is the most daunting due to the fact that he almost always ends up kidnapping Zelda and you, as Link, have to save her.? It’s one of the more fun things in life, rescuing damsels in distress, so Gannon deserves his time in the spotlight, if only for a moment, on John’s blog.? Hopefully, some day, someone will acquire the license and make a decent movie based on the series.? Until then, happy gaming!