AirPrint for the rest of us..

Collobos SoftwareI’m not normally one to endorse a product but I found something yesterday that just made my life and the life of my coworkers much easier, if not cooler.  We have about 12 network printers here where I work, and a wireless mesh network setup with mobility so that people with wireless devices can logon and use the network from anywhere on campus and roam around keeping their connection.  A lot of people are getting iPads, iPhones, and even some iTouchs.  Back in ios 4.2 Apple released AirPrint, a cool feature where you could print from any of those devices using Bonjour for the transport.  In order to print however, you had to have an AirPrint device.  The list at first was small, and it’s grown by a few dozen but no very much.  I was waiting for HP to release some firmware allowing the existing bonjour service to broadcast to AirPrint but nothing yet.  Then I found FingerPrint by Collobos Software.  I tossed it on our print server and instantly all our idevices had the same network printers that the users had from their desktops and laptops.  The currently download on their website gives you about 7 days to test it out to see if it works with your printer and network.  The license is then $9.99.  The program runs on either PC or Mac, which ever is attached to your printer.  In our case it’s on our windows 2008 R2 server.  The current version runs as an application but beta work is in progress with a version that supports running as a service, and customizing the display names.  I would easily (have our company) pay $100 or more for this product.  Get it while it’s hot. 

Disclosure: I’m not receiving any discount or free products with this endorsement.  For only $10, I still feel like I’m ripping them off. 

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