all good things…

must come to an end.

Last night was probably the last “quiet” night Patti and i will have this spring break weekend.  All the kids have been gone, the house has been quiet, the kitchen’s been clean, no fluffies on the carpet. 

It was a nice and needed rest.  Tonight Marc needs a recording done so i’m going to give Protools a good workout tonight.  Tomorrow the youth are having a clean up day so i’ll spend part of that mastering the recording session and the other half helping them build their “arcade”

All in all, it’s been a great week.  Patti and i got to spend alot of time together.  We got to visit some friends over the weekend, I added some plugins to our dididesign system, i added a domain controller to an existing AD, i got to hand out with the Leals twice this week.  It’s amazing how much free time we actually have.