all i wanted was an icee.

It LOOKS like a real icee... but nothing could be futher from the truth... 

i thought it was a simple request.  we had pizza here at work but i was thirsty so i went to mcdonalds.  the lady on the speaker in the drive thru never came on.  ok. so i backed up and went inside.  the guy infront of me was waiting and then they let him know there credit card machine wasn’t working.  ok.. so i drive all the way across town to burger king who i know has frozen cokes.  i pull up to the speaker and order the biggest frozen coke they have.. there frozen coke doesn’t work.  so now i’m really feeling down.  i drive up the road to go back to work and at the intersection is a valero.  i pullin there and walk in.  i can almost here the melodic angels singing as i see there quad serve icee machine.  i walk up to the brown one and grab the biggest cup they have, a huge plastic 94oz.  filled it up, paid the lady 1.08 and got in my car.  i take a sip, wha… that can’t be right.  i took another sip.  it was an icee, but not a frozen coke icee.  it was cinemon.   who in there right mind puts a cinnomon icee machine in there store.  i made my way through a few sips but it was giving me a headache and now i’m just to sad to try again.  oh well.

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