All in all..

It wasn’t a bad vacation.  I got alot acomplished.  And i’m a better person for it.  It just seams like our lives have gotten so hecktic that we have to take time off just to catch up on other stuff.  I keep saying, next week things will settle down, next week.  Well.  they just don’t seam to really slow down.  Elaine Hollar is here now, Jennie has got her bussiness taking off.  I will probably be building servers and stuff for that.  The lawoffice has been growing in there needs too.  They want an entire exchange server system and a remote office in Austin that needs VPN access or a dedicated t1, Carla and Jimmy’s wedding is comming up soon.  Megan is graduating soon, Carmen is comming, Leann Turner is comming. 

I think one of the big lessons from this week was that i need to have fun through all of this.  I’m not saying i’m unhappy.. just that i need to remember to enjoy what i’m doing.  I’ve been talking with a friend about a different church who has some needs of there own.  I think it might be fun to build a media dept from scratch.  With a church who actualy has a vision of what they want to do.  I had fun at the beach.  playing around in the sand making sand castles and getting dirty.  It was nice to just be a kid again.  I had fun with patti and hannah and ozzie.  I need to remember that all the work in the world isn’t as important to me as my family is.  I know it’s strange saying something like “my family” but i hope and pray that some day i can actually claim that.  I love Patti.  And i love her girls.  Even the zoo at the house and Randy too.  I accept them all.  I don’t consider it burden to overcome but an enhancment to my existing life.  I’m not going to stress overit but plans are already in the making for getting all of this offical.  I need to start with a ring.  but small steps.  and we’ll take it from there.

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