Amber went to Mexico

Last week, a group of city officials, police chiefs, fire cheifs, and other big wigs got together to listen to a presentation from Bruce Whiteaker from the Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB) talk to them about what EAS is and why it’s important. If you’ve ever listend to the radio and heard the duck-farts and “This is a test of the Emergency Alert System” then you know what EAS is. Bruce invited us broadcast tech folks to join along the metting since we are the ones who get the alerts on the air to the public. Along with these alerts also come Amber Alerts. We got there a little early and was talking with Bruce. He mentioned that Mexico along the border wanted to pick up the amber alerts and be watching for people trying to come along the board with kidnapped people. We said.. well.. all they would need would be an EAS reciever.. and we have one in our storage building we don’t ever plan on using. So he put us in touch with Sandra Boyd from the LRGVDC Homeland Security and Training. She is the one who has been working with mexico to make this work for them. We agreed to give them this unit after i set it up, program and test it. I met with her and Chente Agular who is the liason between us and Mexico and he mentioned it to the Mayor of Rio Bravo who is our neighbor to the south. He (the Mayor) wants to present this to the Mexican Nation. I’ve been invited to attend this annoucment. So that’s my excitment for this afternoon. I wonder if i need to brush up on my spanish. “A donde esta la taco bell?”