and the saga continues

last night we had a staff meeting at toni roma’s for the staff at church. It started at 6:30 so i just left from work and got there before everyone else.. i sat in my car waiting for someone else to show up. pastor was next. so i get there. I end up sitting in a corner.. the next person to show up is Pricilla, and then joe a little later on and he sits on the other side of me. So we go through most of the evening fairly uneventfull… and as everyone is leaving joe and i are talking and he mentions something about of we could do a recording of the chior. and i said something like.. yeah i could put a recording together but i think they would rather have someone else brought in to do it. That opened a can of worms in it self. i went on to explain that i don’t think we could produce the quality that they are looking for but it was to late. he began quizing about this unspoken friction that sopousdly was between us. of my unwillingness to coroporate with the chior. and the more he dug into it i defending my position that we have made great strides in providing for the chior.
we changed almost all the floor wedges to inear so there would be less stage noise for them
we got the sm 56’s for them
i rewired the floor pocket excusivly for the chior
we re-designed the lighting plot to remove the dead spots from the cameras on the chior
i am also cheerfull when i talk to chior members or pricilla
i put together there priviate changing area and metting room so that they would not be distracted by the control crew and they could mount more robes hangers.
if anyone listens to my mixes now you can’t say that you can’t hear the chior.
so anyway we got all this out on the table.. we we pertty much decided that most of our “friction” has come from miscomunication. So i said ok.. then if she has request have her email me.. copy joe, copy patti, copy pastor.. let’s nip this miscommunication thing in the bud.