Another busy weekend

saturday i spent most of the day putting the stage back together.  i’m still not completly done but i ran out of steam by about 9 or 10 in the evening.  i don’t remember anymore.  sunday i was just exausted.  went with patti and the kids to the mall.  they got to get there hair done and take pictures.  I’m so ready for a nap.  This morning had to get up at 5:30 to be here at 6 to start off some new shows.  i’m going to be here late trying to get all of these kicked off.  It’s been filled with problems.  one was interesting.  KRGV was sending us a left and right signal.. it was comming in weak except for there sound effects, ,they were really loud.  so we increased the gain but that had the opposite effect and caused the audio to be even softer and the sound effects to be even louder!  so i was scratching my head and was going to increase another gain but instead of increasing i accidently decreased and that caused the volume to sweal up?!  all of a sudden thoughs of james dutremein came back to mind.  he was sending me both left and right from the stage and we had both comming into sepreate feeds.  the meters were nice and strong but the sound was nil.  all i we were hearing was the difference between the left and right sound (L-R) what was happening was he wasn’t sending me a true stereo feed and were were getting a canceling effect in our mono feed.  i switched the phases of one of the channels and vola.