another busy weekend

thursday after work had to go to the funeral home in mission, then pratice for the youth valenties thing.  friday had to go to the civic center after work.  did that pratice, john bevere going on at church as well.  saturday morning had to go to the vet’s to fix there network.  they had a problem printing.  ended up being there network of all things.  the cat5 patch had a broken pin 6.  so there software was being very sluggish because it was running off a network share.. that was broken.  replaced the hub (an old 10speed with BNC (thin-net)) on it.  Put in a new 10/100 auto sensing switch.  also replaced the patch.. all was better.  I had actually been thinking about that network.  I installed it about 3 years ago.  It was nice to get to see it again.  After that had to go to the mall to pick up a gift, than to the civic center for rehersal again. than from there to church to put on the valentines program.  that turned out really well by the way.  Really well.  everything worked perfectly.  Happliy Never After After that Johathon and Eva came over to patti’s new house for a while.  this morning church, after this i have to go put on that show at the civic center.  that should be done at 4, than Riley is having a birthday so going to go do that, than megan’s birthday is today too so going to take her out to dinner.  than sometime this weekend maybe i can rest too.  i haven’t gotten to spend much time with ozzie at all.  only the mornings when he’s waking me up.  i miss him.