Another Busy Weekend

Ozzie has been sneezing and congested lately so saturday Patti and i took him to the vet. We got tehere around 10. There was alot of people waiting inside and outside. Ozzie was calm inside of the saftey of his kitty carrier, patti hung out with all the other dogs. We watched different people come in and out with their pets. It was funny to see each person and there pet and how much they resembeled each other. Kind of made me wonder about Ozzie and me. In the exam room he didn’t appericate getting his tempreture taken but he had a fever of 103. He got a shot and some medicine that we have to give him two times a day.
Afterwards Patti came over and cleaned up the entire house. We cleaned out the office.. my bedroom, the kitchen, the washroom, the place looks spotless! Thank you so much Patti.
After all of that was done.. she was cleaning the bookshelf and found a booklet that had most of the munoz family history in it.. so i’ve been spending hours and hours trying to put it all in the online family tree. It’s wierd seeing all these names and people who i grew up knowing but never really knowing why. It’s all making sense now. I wish i had known that then.