another long week (no suprise)

got to work around 7am yesterday, and left around 1am.  We were installing the generator at hotkiss.  I was planning on sleeping in so i wouldn’t be so tired but then everyone was calling because the LP1 (local primary) did the RMT (required monthly test) you know those wierd duck farts that you hear sometimes on the radio, but something squirled up with there equiptment and instead of sending the End of message tone, there system started to send but then quit.. so the LP1 goes on with there show.. not realizing that every broadcast station in there coverage area is still recording their test.  our equiptment finally timed-out but then it relayed the entire 2 minute message, incudling the LP1’s morning show and even one of there songs.  yeah.. it was fun getting woken up at6:30 telling me they are taking over our stations.