another week in the books

Ever had one of those weeks?  Yup.. that was this past one.  so monday night was like any other.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I wanted to get to bed early to be rested for a job interview i had on tuesday.  I had a good dinner, went to sleep around 10.   Megan had some friends over and they were up outside in the porch for a while.  around 4 or 5, not sure, patti got up to let the cats out (can’t they wait until the sun’s out?) and discovered that megan’s car was gone.  she checked on megan and she was still here.  after a semi-coherent interrogation patti was able to find out that the car was left in a parking lot on the other side of town.  (mind you, i’m asleep through all this) patti gets up and to the car to put note on it.  So i guess megan’s awake now and hungry.  goes to make some soup and somehow spills the fresh soup over herself.  her foot actually.  she comes crying into our room where i’m still fast asleep.. the lights are out and she’s obviously in pain.  being the guy that i am… i fix the problem, put some burn cream on the foot and shoo her off to bed.  back to sleep.

a few minutes later she’s still up in pain.  i think i was awake enough to ice down her foot this time, and patti showed up shortly after.  she took megan over to the ER and i went back to bed.  so i finally get up and off to the interview.  That ended up going fairly well.  Mostly quizzing.  I was able to leave all their questions answered.  the only major drawback to the job is that it would probably put me back in weslaco, where i’m trying to get closer to mcallen.  Finally get the story on the car.  she must have drive up along a curb.  ended up shreding the tire and messing up the suspension. 

wednesday morning patti’s taking hannah to school only to find that her tire is flat.  ok.. so we change the tire.  she goes on to Discount tire, and in her words..

Patti Kohrt Discount Tires on McColl and Trenton fixed my flat tire for free today with the request that I promote them and tell my friends about them. Since most of my friends are on facey-space, I thought I would use this venue. If you need tires or tire services, please go see Josh and the boys over there. Now, two and 1/2 hours later, I am finally on my way to work!

so a new week.. new chances… we’ll see what happens.