another year in the books


Wow.. Talk about an amazing birthday.  I don’t think i’ve had one that good in years.  Saturday I knew i had a busy day working on a school project for Hannah.  We shot some video for them and then went home to start editing.  Also needed to get a master DVD made for Ivan Tait and and a DVD for Carey and Glory and the Fire is in town.  Even though we are not hosting them this year, doesn’t necessary mean that we’re off the hook.  They were having problems with one of their amps on Friday night.  Then on Saturday, they were having problems with their main audio mixer.  The entire thing would drop the entire audio output for a second or two.  Sounded almost like a cd dropping audio.  So i went out to the venue in the middle of editing Hannah’s video.  That one was harder to fix than the first problem.  Ended up removing the main audio from the main outs of the mixer and used the un-fadered output from the Rec Out of the console.  granted, it’s a high impedance output instead of low but i put two direct boxes in-between so that helped to match the outputs as much as possible.  I knew that Paula, was coming over at 4 30 so at 5 I’m starting to panic.  Finally at 5:30 the problem was fixed and ready to come home.  Took Jason and Blake over to their hotel to pick up some laundry and brought them over to the house to wash while we had cake, or so i thought.  I walked in the back yard and come to find a backyard full of people.  And they kept coming out of the house.  Even my parents were their.  I was totally surprised and overwhelmed to see all the people their.  My wife must have worked so hard to get all those people and food and the house cleaned.  And all the while not letting me know about any of it.  I think everyone i knew was there.  and for a while apparently.  And none of them let me know what they were planning.

Patti, thank you so much for pulling that off.  I love you so much.  You truly made it a very special day.  Thank you for everything you did to pull that off.  I love you more than i could ever put into words.

Thank you everyone else for showing up.  It was great spending time with family and friends.  i had an awesome time.