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I’ve never really been gifted in the arts. I remember way back when i was a child… *sigh* in sunday school we used to make these coasters out of popiscle sticks… and impressions of our palms with plaster-from-paris. You could always tell which one i made. It was the one that looked like the ashtray that the little boy made during that episode of that tv show with the Seavers. I can’t even remember what it was called. Growing Pains! That’s what it was. There aren’t any tv shows like that anymore. Not even any cartoons like the ones we grew up with. Garfield and friends, bugs bunny and tweety show. 3-2-1 contact.
but i digress. I was talking about my lack of tallent. Last night Hannah wanted to make something for tracy’s birthday today so we went to walmart and she found all this stuff.. i didn’t have any idea what she was going to use it all for or how it was all going to come together but last night when it was all done with.. vola.. she’d had these three really cool tote bags decorated and all. This is an 11 year old! I can’t even color inbetween the lines. I mean.. i can acept the fact that i’m not gifted in some things but i wish i could make something personaly for someone. Patti made me this picture frame out of glass mosiacs, and another really cool frame with “Faith, Hope and Love” printed on it. Even shannon once gave me a candle with decorations on it. I don’t think i’ve ever given someone something that i made out of scratch. A few weeks ago i tried making some mosiac stuff but i think i messed that up too and the cement stuff never came off. Maybe i should start going back to sunday school with the kids and start praticing. I mean.. store gifts are cool.. but i like the ones made better.. because of the time and effort invovled in making it. Anyone can go shopping.. but only certian people can actually make something.

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  1. Nathan and i were talking about those old shows the other day. THere’s a show that I used to watch but no one else has ever heard of it … maybe someone here’s called “Out of this World” and it’s about this girl who is an alien and she talked to her dad in this chrystal ball type thing. And she could put her fingers together and stop time. The lady who played the mom on the show is the lady who plays the mom on Even Stevens…does anyone know what I’m talking about???

  2. I’m glad I finally found someone who remembers that show…I was beginning to think I had just made it up in my head!!!

  3. I remember that too: The series revolves around Evie Garland, who is the daughter of Troy and Donna Garland. Troy, however, is an alien from the planet Anterias. As a benefit of her half-alien parentage, Evie develops three powers as the series progresses. She can pause and un-pause time, “gleep” objects into existence, and can transport herself from one place to another. Troy is living on Anterias and is never seen, but Evie talks to him via a crystal cube. Evie is thirteen at the beginning of the series and lives with her mother in Marlowe, California. Visitors to the Garland home include Donna’s brother Beano; the mayor Kyle Applegate, a former actor; Lindsey, Evie’s best friend; Chris, Evie’s boyfriend; and Buzz, who tends to take things literally. Episodes usually revolve around Evie getting herself out of a situation that she has caused.

  4. Why can’t we have shows like that anymore?? I remember sitting at home when I was a kid watching that show. I was in kindergarten or 1st grade when that show was on….those were the days!

  5. there were lots of good shows on back then. i remember comming home and seeing the brady bunch, happy days, win lose or draw.. *sigh*
    no responsibilities, just go to school, play, take a nap, come home.. and repeat over and over.

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