as if i didnt’ have enough to do already

i have been bugging CC to get me RDS equipment for our stations ever since i’ve been able to ask. Every time it get’s knocked out of the budget. It’s been a pet project of mine for a while but it wasn’t until recently that i finally made a break through. with shoestrings, duck tape and paperclips i finally got Hotkiss on RDS. RDS is a method where newer receivers in most cars are able to display text information sent from the station on the receiver’s display. It doesn’t support PS_SCROLL where the artist and tile and stuff automatically “scroll” across the display but it works. If your receiver has an INFO button, you can push that and get all the extra data. So far there has been a good response on it. If i can prove to mgt that this is worth while, maybe they will get me decent equipment that does support PS_SCROLL. I was able to horde up two more encoders, give away from bigger markets upgrading to better equipment. I’m going to install these on KBFM and KTEX hopefully Thursday night when we do another shutdown.

I also got Wild’s website changed over to the new template 2.0 format. Now i’m going to work on KTEX and hopefully have that done alot sooner than i was able to get wild’s up. now that i know what i’m doing. In the midst of all that i’m also shooting to get the new church’s website done this week too.

Oh and the finely’s computer still chugging away on my bedroom floor. Almost done there.