As the world turns

these are the days of our lives.

Seams like this past week everything has revolved around the middle school formal.  I remember when we’d have our 8th grade dances.  it was just in the school cafeteria, move the tables out of the way, play some music and that was about it.  Now a days you’d think it was prom.  We took Hannah to get a dress, ended up finding a nice one at David’s Bridal.  Patti and i are sponsors so now we have to get dressed up.  Had to get my jacket altered, get some pants, and of course a shirt and a tie to match hannahs dress.  then patti went dress shopping yesterday.  and of course shoes and all the fixings.  Oh and they are having this thing at the country club.  yeah…

Oh well.. your only 13 once right (Thank God, couldn’t pay me enough to try that one again)

It’s just all kind of a reminder about how fast all the kids are growing up.  She tried on the dress yesterday after i picked it up from the alterations.  She doesn’t look like that kid that used to bounce around the youth building in a walker while patti was doing her puppet things.  *sigh*