back among the living

wow.. what a week, or month. Of course, this is always the busy season for us. Stock show, spring break, Easter programs, traveling. it’s just never really easy.

as spring break approached, venues at SPI were getting ready to do their live broadcast from their locations. We use ISDN phone lines for these broadcast. When a new client has signed on and wants to do an ISDN broadcast, they usually call on me to go to their location before hand and make sure they got their act together. So we get out there and find the demark, sure enough there is an isdn line there, but it’s not going anywhere. great, this means we are going to have to get the line from the phone box outside to the sound booth inside. if it was one building it would be easy, but this was a bunch of outdoor buildings. So we first try and figure out how to run the wire. The booth already had a jack wired up to it but it was dead. We ended up finding the wiring closest, but most the the wiring was dead too. Normaly i could just put my tone generator on the jack, use the probe to hear the tone in the wiring close and vola, i’m done. except i left the tone generator in my car. we were in teh station vehicle. so i’m trying to improvise. ended up taking a XLR cable tester with a test tone on it, wiring it up to the end jack, and used the butt set to find the other end. Finally we got it al going. the wiring that is. The spid numbers were not labeled on the demark. It’s not like a phone that you just plug in and it works. You have to tell your equiptment how to talk to the network with the spid numbers.

it’s usually a 9 digit number with a binariy number at the end. We called the owner and he gave us two “spids” 956-772-xxxx-0101 and 956-772-yyyy-0101. We plug it into our equiptment and get “SPID error” call up ATT and the ISDN dept is closed. we go back the next day and come to find out that this is a wierd line. the spids are a harligen number, but their is a DN number of that 772, port isabel number. never seen that before but ok… we plug in tihe new spids, DIsco, we are up. i dial up the station, it took a long distance call but it worked. ok.. done.

they did the broadcast a few days later and they coudln’t dial them up. so they did the entire broadcast with LD charges. We went back one more time, pluged both the spids and the DN number, dialed the DN and we were cooking.

Then their was the stock show. That one wasn’t quite as bad. another isdn broadcast. but i’ve been doing this long enough that i made it as simple as possible for the jocks. that was pretty uneventfull. as for the stock show itself. i wasn’t impressed. it’s like someone to a show from 10 years ago and just kept replaying it over and over.

also been getting ready for patti’s two easter programs. Eye to Eye and Spetical. Eye to Eye is an outdoor Pasion Play. Speticaly is a serious comedy. Both are really good. So we’ve been getting all that stuff ready. Patti turned the backyard into a large staging area and had everyone over one day putting it all together.

Thursday i got out of work early and took simion with me to get what we needed from the store and to start loading the trailer. Had no idea how much stuff we had.. or could fit in there. We did come up with some really good ideas for when Patti finally decides to make this touring thing a regular part of the schedule.

We got out there and the wind was not behaving very well. And for the first time it was going to be hot. like 100’s hot. Spent that day setting things up.. it really didn’t take us long to do the tech stuff. Patti was having a hard time with her sets though. My stuff is pretty heavy and stayed put… but the props were taking a beating from the wind. At one point i was sitting on the backstage, behind a curtain and a prop from in front of the cutian fell over and landing on me. Ended up leaving a good size bruise.

Saturday we got an early start, pratice went ok. But we had to scale down ALOT to make it work. Didn’t get to use any DMX, half of the walls, none of the curtains.. the actual performance wasn’t bad. We’ve done much better but everyone seamed to enjoy it. The pastor from out there was happy…

Thank you John and Patti for all your enthusiasm and help. You sure are a blessing and are used by our Lord to proclaim His good news to all people. I know we can say with all its word MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

So i guess all in all it turned out ok. We loaded up that night, came home, unloaded and came back to church the next morning. The wind was still bad, so bad that the power kept flickering on and off all through service. I let the guys have the morning off, turned off the cameras and projectors.. and just let it ride. i woke up that morning though with a horrible headache and tummy ache. and it just kept getting worse and worse. if i was going to be able to pull off the program this evening i would need some rest. went home and patti ended up postponing the program. So i slept the rest of the day. woke up feeling much better. must have been the heat.. or exaustion.. or both.

the kids are on spring break this week, so they are bored i’m sure. hannah went to ATF this past weekend and seamed to have a good time.  i’m ready for a vacation now.   friday is our do nothing day.  saturday going back to the ranch for easter.  sunday it’s easter here.