Back to Life as Normal

Well, after the site being inadverently down, i lost a few days of blogging here so i’ll just catch up from where i left off.  Sunday morning around 2 AM i finally left the church, went home to the trailer, Patti went to her house and got the what little sleep that i could after putting everything back together.  Yeah, i know.. we didn’t get to spend our wedding night together but we were just both so physically and mentally exausted.  Got to church early and made sure everything was in working order.  We left to the airport mid-service.  Hung out at the airport while weather delayed flights into Houston.  We finally made into New York around midnight.  Took a cab to the hotel.  Patti had her eyes closed most of the trip.  We were hungry so we had our first sample of the huge plates new yorkers dine on.  Jimmy and Carla met up with us the next morning.  We got to walk around central park a bit and time square.  That evening we went to see the Blue Man Group.  The next day we toured the USS Wasp.  Be sure and have Patti tell you that story.  We got to see other shows out there.   We had a really good time, but most importanly we actually got to spend time together.  Just her and i.  It was perfect.  Now back to reality.