Banking in my sleep?

I must have done it in my sleep because i don’t ever remember opening a checking account with Yorkshire Bank. Come to think of it.. i don’t even know where to find my local Yorkshire Bank. 


This should be the first sign of a bogus email.  But for those who actually DO have a Yorkshire account it may appear legitimate.  Clicking on the link does not take you to the bank however.  It goes

FireFox, Chrome blocked the site, IE reported it as unsafe but brought it up

The site would then ask for your customer number, your password, all three of your security questions and answers as well as your email address.  After entering such information and submitting would take you to the actual bank’s site,  but by then, it’s probably to late.  you’ve just give all your sensitive information to the Russians. 

Common sense: If you bank does send you an email, log on to your banks site yourself.  don’t use any enclosed links.  That way you know your not being directed somewhere else without your knowledge.