bedrooms and weddings

This weekend we went to Lacks to get Tori some bedroom stuff.  I’m not even all that sure what we got now.  It was nice.. but i don’t remember what it was.  It wasn’t even all that expensive, as far as furnature goes.  But it seams like everytime i walk into that store i always leave spending at least $1000.  But they do have nice stuff. And Ria is always very helpfull.

Saturday Mari, my sister live-in nanny got married.  We all got to hang out at Paula’s.  I miss getting to do that.  You know, we’ve got all these plans.. once we’re all living under one roof:

  • We’ll start walking
  • We’ll read together more
  • We’ll have less split expenses
  • we’ll cook at home more
  • we’ll be able to entertain

One thing at a time…