being married

and it’s not so much being married, as it is being married to someone i love as much as i love my wife.  She is the most amazing person in my life.  I love the way she compliments what i do.  I love the way she encourages me and is always looking for ways to show her affection.  This morning i was thinking about waking up, she was already awake.  She got the kids up and then came and crawled in my side of the bed.  Just wrapped her arms around me and snuggled for a while.  That was so nice.  nothing extravant, nothing expensive.. just spending a moment in eachother arms before we headed off to another day.  Ozzie even joined in and got on the bed with us. 

It’s just so nice being married to Patti.  She’s a gift from God and i want her to know just how much i appericate her and everything she does for me.  I love you sweetheart.