best hot dogs on earth

I was just talking with Audrey, she mentioned that she’s going to Alanta.  I remember one night johnny and i were living on Dove.. and up late one night.. had PBS on and there was a documentry on hot dogs.  It was really quite interesting.  I find myself craving hot dogs every now and then.  But not your sonic hot dogs.. i mean real chili chese hot dogs.  the kind that make your tummy ache thinking of them.  When i was in Alanta doing disaster recovery out there, i had the keys to the rental car so i headed my way over to 75 and visitied The Varsity

When i was in chicago.  If your into the band Chicago, and hotdogs; Demon Dogs is pretty good.  Penselvinia you have to check out The Original Hot Dog Shop.  New York City, besides the sidewalk hot dogs, you have Gray’s Papaya.  But of course you can’t forget Wienerschnitzel.  I might just have to make up en excuse to visit corpus for one of these bad boys.