Big and Rich, Gretchen wilson, etc

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width=210 border=0 align=”left”>Last night’s concert was so awesome.� I was hanging
out with Chris Micheals before the event doing his airshift from the
arena.� He got to interview John Rich and Cowboy Joe.� We got to have
dinner on the floor with some of the jocks from KTEX.� Then we got to go
backstage for a meet and greet with Gretchen Wilson, John Rich, Big, Cowboy Joe,
and 2foot Fred.� The show started with Musik Mafia doing an acoustic
set.� That in itself was really cool.� Gretchen then rocked the place
with her music that sounded anything other than coutry.� She was really
entergetic and neat.� One of the things i liked the most about her was her
apperence.� She doesn’t look like your oridnary star.� This wasn’t a
Cher concert with 7 costume changes, she just came out with a shirt and jeans
that read “whitegirl”�
Big and Rich than took off with there country
but not country sound.� I could have thought i was in a rock show.
Than Musik Mafia closed everything off with a huge jam session.� Felt like
cornerstone all over again.� (sigh)� i really had a good