bitter sweet experience

found out that CompUSA is closing.  Not just here but everywhere.  That’s the only decent computer store left here in the valley.  There used to be several.  PC Central was an old favorite.  but now.. well.. you walk into Dr. PC’s and ask for a DB9 gender changer and you get the blank look across the face of the guy who only speaks half english.  Not much more luck at Radio Shack.  The store which recently announced that it would be discontinuing it’s radio products (CB’s, HAM, Shortwave, etc) 

So i went to go use up some gift cards as long as they still had value.  Talked to our account rep and he was pretty depressed.  As were most all the employees.  But they are liquidating everything in the store so they got some really good deals.  I’m keeping my eye on some HD flat tv’s waiting for the 80% off, everything must go sale.