you have not because you ask not

Talk about amazing.  My sister brought two tax bills that we had on some property the both of us have together at the ranch.  Originally this was going to be several thousands of dollar between the bills.. and lawyers fees and penalty and interest, but then we got a call from one of the taxing entities that we didn’t ow all that other stuff.. just the base amount.  1st blessing.  Still quite a bit of money though, well today out of the blue i get called into my bosses office with the business manager there.

not to big of a deal, no need to worry.  maybe they broke something..


at the same time…

ended up being a bonus.  quite an unexpected suprise.  then after that one of the sales ladies give me a starbucks card for helping her with her laptop.  and then another friend gave me $50 for helping her with her laptop.  It’s amazing to see how well God takes care of us.. and i can always see him up their with the “checks in his hand” just waiting for someone to ask for them.

One thought on “you have not because you ask not”

  1. So I ask…

    um…can I have that information that you were gonna have patti send me about the thing that I called you about the other day that I want to purchase and you said you could maybe kinda sorta help me a bit with it by sending me some helpful info.

    yes that was a run on sentence and it is to be read quickly, oh, and the voice in your head that sounds kinda like what you think I sound like should be somewhat frantic. lol.

    If you can’t do it that is cool, just let me know either way. I am kinda in a hurry to make the buy.


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