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Todays Scam #1

Mr Kanani sent me this rtf document to my word email the other day.  RTFs are typicaly not host for malicious files so I didn’t mind opening it up.  Who uses aol anyway?  Here was the original message;

-----Original Message-----
From: John Kanani [mailto:mrjohnkanani3@aol.com]
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 4:18 AM
Subject: Dear Munoz

Dear Munoz

I would like to seek your help in a business proposal , which although is sensitive by nature and not what I should discuss with someone I don't know and have not met using a medium such as this but I do not have a choice.

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Best regards,

John Kanani

and the RTF included: (DEAR MUNOZ.RTF)

Dear Munoz

I would like to seek your help in a business proposal , which although is sensitive by nature which is not what I should discuss with someone I don’t know and not met using a medium such as this but I do not have a choice .

I am Mr. John Kanani, I was the client service manager of the bank where late Dr. Edward Munoz. left behind a large sum of money, he died of a cardiac arrest a few years ago leaving behind a large sum of money with a commercial bank in the Island of Seychelles which is a tax free zone, a place where plenty of rich people tend to hide away funds not ready to be used or invested. I will not mention the amount of money which runs into several millions in United States Dollars and the name of bank presently until we have agreed to deal. I trust you will understand the need for such precautions.

So far, valuable efforts has been made to get to his people but to no avail, as he had no known relatives he left his next of kin column in his account opening forms blank. Due to this development the bank has been expecting someone to come forward as a close relative to claim the funds otherwise as the Seychelles national laws would have it, any dormant account for five years will be declared unclaimed and then paid into the government purse.

To avert this negative development I and my colleagues have decided to look for a reputable person to act as the next of kin to late Dr. Edward Munoz. So that the funds could be processed and released into any account provided by the person, which is where you come in. We shall make arrangements with a qualified and a reliable attorney to represent you locally to avoid any inconvenience of you coming down to claim the funds.

All legal documents to aid your claim for this fund and to prove your relationship with the deceased will be provided by us. Your help will be appreciated with 30% of the total sum which I would disclose in my next email Please accept my apologies and keep my confidence and disregard this letter if you do not appreciate this proposition i have offered you.

I wait anxiously for your response.

Yours Faithfully,

John Kanani

Fire Safety joint event

So April from HR sent this email this morning asking me to take three written test on fire and anti-terrorism safety.  Attached of course was a zip file trying to pretend to be a pdf file.  At least she could have used proper spelling?



Dear Colleagues
It might be useful for you to know that we are taking part in a joint event with Fire and Counter
Terrroism Safety inculding three written tests on Thursday.
Last year three in ten emplyoees suvreyed could not pass the Fire Safety test.
Each of you will find enclosed a FIRE INSTRUCTION NOTICE
and your role descrpition. Please take a look at the enclosed materials before April.
Kind regards,
Department of Human Resources

Moment of truth

On or about the 13th of this month the local Fox station notified us that they were able to view the video files we were sending them but they couldn’t see the captions included in there.  So thus began a saga lasting almost a month trying to get them a file that would include captions.

The process was..

Edit the video to fit the time line

create a low quality video to electronically send…

Find a transcriptionist to transcribe the entire show

Find a company to take that transcript and time it with the video – actually create the captions

Have them email me a Scenarist (SCC) file of the captions.

Import the captions back into the time line and create a final video file with the captions embedded

That last step has been the doozey.  I began sending them files fairly soon but the station wasn’t able to read the captions.  we went around this road for several weeks.. almost a month.  I initially purchased Sony Vegas Pro because this seamed to be the only program that could embedded the captions in the video file.  We also tried final cut pro and adobe premiere.  those didn’t work.  Finally I created a video with every possible format that Vegas could create. Emailed it to them and said.. tell me which one works.  Earlier this week I got an email saying we found one!  The new file has been delivered and if all goes well it should be on air this weekend. 

A trip you didn’t plan?

Looks like the old scammers have new tricks.  This one drives you to click on a link, (http://sitesubmiturl.com/4txGy2fG/index.html) that is really a hidden link to (  That is actually a domestic ip block owned by Global net Access, LLC (GNAXNET)

The webserver it’s attached to seams to be spitting out 403’s now..



You should check in from 24 hours and up to 60 minutes before your flight (2 hours if you're flying internationally). After the check-in, all you need to do is print your boarding pass and go to the gate.

Confirmation code: 810227 Check-in online: Online reservation details

Flight 4164 Departure city and time Washington, DC (DCA) 10:00PM Depart date: 4/5/2012

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Your information is kept private and confidential. For information about our privacy policy visit usairways.com. US Airways, 111 W. Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281 , Copyright US Airways , All rights reserved.

Almost there…

cc-captionSo close to being on the air.  The TV station we are trying to get on has accepted our video format and the content but we need to provide them with closed captions. 

We ended up hiring a company in Pennsylvania, ccmaker.com to do the work of transcribing and timing out all of the captions.  They send is back a computer file that has the captions on them and input them back in our video.  Here is where the problem comes in.  The complete file we are sending the tv station doesn’t seam to be in a format that they can read the captions with.  We are editing with Sony Vegas because it’s the only editing program that seams to be able to embedded captions back in the rendered file.  But it’s just not working quiet right yet.  I tried Final Cut, and Adobe Premiere Pro and they all say “embedding captions in the video is not possible at this time”

“Help me Vegas.. you’re my only hope”

I’ve got a discussion going on the Sony Forum about the issue and have gotten some good input so far…

There are also training videos saying it should work..

I just can’t get it work.  Today I purchased a support contract with Sony to try and enlist their help to solve this issue.  Once that’s done hopefully the can help me get the 2nd language running as well.

I’ve married the most amazing woman…

It's been a hard month. Not going to lie. The past 22 days have been trying but rewarding. My days have been 8-5 at work the from my real job i'd head over to church and spend the rest of the evening there.. coming home usually around midnight.. get up, back to work and repeat the process. Weekends even worse.. usually get to church early and spend all weekend out there. I knew when we took on this HD project that it would be long hours the light at the end of the tunnel is finally starting to show it's head. Through all of that i haven't gotten to see Patti but only during the few waking hours between gettin in bed and and leaving for work. She's also managed to put on a huge event for the foundation she works for that ended up being a huge success and undertaking. She has also been gathering for the huge church garage sale, getting Hannah ready for her state competition, dealing with megan being sick and even took in a stray along the way. I don't know how she manages to do it all. I must have married wonder woman.

HD upgrades near completion

Last sunday we pulled all of the analog equipment which really meant all of the equipment out of the media office and made room for the hd equipment.  Monday we rented the scissor lift and began pulling the old wiring and installing the new wiring.  the old wiring was 25 conductor control cable and Multicore cable.  Then we replaced then with RG-6 and CAT5 wiring.  Much cheeper and easier to work with.  We working on this through most of the evening on Monday night.  Tuesday night we strung up wiring behind the stage and began setting up the equipment room to become the wiring hub.  Wed I took a floating holiday off from work.  The last of the new equipment arrived.  We unboxed some of the hardware and sent some stuff off to be manufactured at a local machine shop.  Unboxed some more and began setting up the PTZ's and the master control.  We also began programing the PTZ's for the cameras.  We have a combination of Sony and Panasonic cameras so the controllers needed to be customized for each protocol.  We then began working on running cabling from the equipment room to the media office to make the final connections.  Thursday we closed up the mounted up the ptz's up and began interconnecting everything to the switcher mainframe.  we also ran  cabling from the balcony all the way back to the media office for the two rear cameras and two-channel communications.  we also wired up the communications to the sound console to deliver communications to a wireless IEM channel for the wireless camera operators.  friday we put the finishing touches on everything and began learning the operation of all the new software.  We also wired up a makeshift recording system and projection system.  That evening we debuted the new cameras with a concert being held at the church.  It was a rough start be we got to use the time to figure out all the of the stuff and begin to work out the kinks.

Today we cleaned up our mess and the office and finalized some last cable runs to the sound booth.  we also returned the projection equipment to the booth as well as increased the projection resolution from 1024x768 to 1600x1200.  Our system could support 1080i however we still need to match up some final settings before pushing our limits.  We were also able to bring in the mixed feed back into the projection computer.  The software doesn't seam to support 16x9 however so there may be some aspect ratio weirdness going on until we swap software

Left to Do

-Acquire HD Recorder


-SDI Scaller


-SDI Streamer

-Pro Presenter with alpha-key


-wide screen confidence monitors

-additional BNC/RG-6 compression connectors

-gaffers tape to hide wiring

in with the new

still trying to get the old out.

Equipment keeps coming in.  So far all the clear-com in is, cabling wire connectors and communications equipment.  The JVC cameras should be here by the end of the week.  I’ve been working on the pre-production but when the cameras get in we can start shooting.  Need intro’s, outro’s, promotional clips, some stock footage and not to mention all the CG work that I should be doing now.  I’ll need to pick up some SDHC cards for the cameras.  One of the cool things about the new cameras is you don’t need expensive tape to capture on.  Everything can be stored on SD cards.  They have to be slightly higher quality than your point and shoot camera type, but still much cheaper than tape.  The sales rep will be delivering most of the equipment himself to save us on shipping charges.  he’s expecting to be in town on or about the 22nd.  Which means that I’ll be disappearing from the face of the earth shortly after that.  I may need some reminders about eating, sleeping, and other basic requirements of life.  Once I get myself involved in a project, I want to see it though to the end.  I’ve been trying to do as much pre-planning as I can so that the actual install goes smoothly but things always creep up.  I’m going to be counting on help from a lot of people to get this done.  The contractors have already been by to survey the new studio area.  Once we can confirm on a price that construction will begin quickly.  We also need to install the cabling conduit and hub.  This will require the scissor lift but I’ll also need to use the lift for installing the new cameras as well as pulling all the old cabling out.

Fun times are ahead!

Current Schedule

Sunday Feb 19 – Analog Abatement (final analog Sunday)

Remove all equipment from old media office

Remove analog equipment from balcony

Pull RGBHV from booth to Hub

Wednesday Feb 22 – Final Shipment to arrive

Thursday Feb 23 – Begin installation.  Need to rent scissor lift.

Need more Dropbox space?

First of all.. if your not already a dropbox user.. what are you waiting for?  Never need another usb drive again, stop shuffling files between work and home and your laptops.. get access to all of those files on your mobile, iPhone or Android. Know that your data is backed up and you can even share data between teams of people for collaboration and projects.

So quit waiting and install Dropbox today. (It's ok i'll wait)

Now that you have Dropbox, you'll find that you instantly have 2GB of free space.  But wouldn't it be nice to have some additional space.  There are a few easy ways to instantly get more free space.

First is with this page.  http://www.dropbox.com/free  By doing a few things such as connecting your twitter, facebook and following dropbox and bragging a little about them, you can free space very easly.

Another method is with your email address.  By signing up with an address that ends in .EDU you can double your current space and get double referall credit.  Use this link to sing up for that.  http://www.dropbox.com/edu

Finally, there is a new beta version of dropbox.  It add a feature of importing photos/videos from your mobile devices directly onto your dropbox account.  Get it here.  So after you've installed it, plug in your phone, camera, etc. and instead of using the normal photo importer, you should see the option "import to dropbox"  For doing the initial import you get 500MB, then for every 500 MB of files you import this way, you get an additional 500MB.  You can get up 4.5 GB of data this way.  After you've gotten the credit just delete the ones you don't really want and you have and additional 5GB of space.

The final way to get more space is to have your friends join dropbox too.  Go to https://www.dropbox.com/referrals to spread the happiness.  Your friends will thank you for it.  An important note about referral.  If you share a folder with someone who isn't yet on dropbox, and they join, you do not instantly get credit for it, but if you go to https://www.dropbox.com/referral_status and enter their address (after they joined) you will get credited for their joining.  Also remember if you have a .EDU address you get double the credit (see above)

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