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So i got this message from "Bank of America" from: bankofamerica@locked.com Message from Bank Of American. Debit Mastercard Locked. Please call : 8882119377 So I figure, sure i'll bite. From a spoofed number I dial and wait to see what i get. In a computer synthesized voice, "Thank you for calling b...Read More »

Tonight, we remember an angel

Last thanksgiving a year ago, Patti and i sat up waiting for "the call".  We knew the end was close and it would probably be tonight.  When the call finally came- we had resigned ourself to know that she was finally resting in a better place and after a long few weeks battling this with her, we were ready for some rest too.  Shortly after we got another call that the family was wanting us with them at the hospital so we thew on something real quick and made our way up to the 4th floor.  The normally bustling and rowdy hallways were now quiet and all of nurses and staff we all shocked and teary eyed just as we were.  Thorough all the time Loulou would spend in the hospitals, she was the life of the party.  Hanging out with the nurses, cheering everyone up, racing down the halls in wheelchairs, everyone knew here- and everyone loved her.  we walked to the ICU.  her room was the easiest to spot.  it was the one with the glass doors covered in artwork, paintings, cards and balloons.  She didn't want just a hospital room, she wanted her vacation loft and she wanted it personalized.  Seeing her in her room is an image i will probably have burned in my memory forever.  Mostly because she was finally at rest.  No more struggling to breath, no more wincing in pain, no more tears, machines whirling and beeping.  just peace.  almost felt jealous of her.  We spent the rest of the evening with the family, cleaning up her room, taking down the decorations and packing up all the gifts, teady-bears and other trinkets that fill an 11 year old girls room.  We must have hauled down 6 loads down to the cars downstairs.

LouLou, i know your not here with us, and you know that we miss you, but we still see you, in the eyes of all the kids that you continue to help reach.  I hadn't been back up to the hospital since that night but i went just this past weekend and it is still full of kids who need to experience that love that you had.  we are trying to continue that.  we are trying to let your life live through them.  and we are trying to make a difference.

hope we can make you proud-

Mail Bag

Call me paranoid but I really don’t like giving out my email address to just anyone.  If you have my email address, you should consider yourself pretty darn lucky.  When I’m asked to sign up for something or an email address is required, I usually use an email address specifically created for one time use or junk.  Before this used to just be an email aliases of my actual address- but recently I split the two so I can know exactly what is sent to the fake address.  Here is what’s in that inbox right now…


I went ahead and clicked on a few (with a html disabled for added protection) just to see what was in some of these.

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Ozzie enjoying the weather

Patti took this yesterday.  It's not often in the Valley that we get to enjoy the pleasure of open doors and windows.  Ozzie found a sunbeam and promptly plopped down to bask for a while.

US To Test First Nationwide Use Of Emergency Broadcast System

Because the government knows something we don't and isn't telling us, the first nationwide test of the emergency broadcast system is slated to go down at 2PM eastern today, simultaneously playing on all entertainment outlets (sans internet).

The 30-second test, to be overseen by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Communications Commission, will run on radio, satellite radio and TV stations in all 50 states and U.S. territories. It will include alert "beeps" and the words "This is a test." Here's how FEMA explains it: We need to know that the system will work as intended should public safety officials ever need to send an alert or warning to a large region of the United States. Only a complete test of the Emergency Alert System can help us identify any changes and improvements needed to modernize this system and make it fully accessible.

Any guesses what the government is keeping from us? Because it's gonna look mighty suspicious when the government tests the emergency broadcast system nationwide for the first time today and then aliens attack on Thanksgiving. I expect they'll strike when we're all doped up on turkey. FEMA to test nationwide emergency alert system at 2 p.m. ET [usatoday] Thanks to Allison, who asks, "do you remember where you were when the US tested the emergency broadcast system nationwide for the first time?" No, I was at work staring at a computer screen like a normal person!

Actually working in broadcasting, I was heavily involved in the use of EAS.  Worked hard to straighten out the problems we have in the valley with the PEP and LP-1.  Even tried to make KTEX the LP1 and KPAS the Spanish LP(2).  I almost half want to go bug milton this afternoon just to see the new SAGE's take the alerts and relay them.  Oh well.. i guess spending the afternoon in the car won't be so bad either.


well that was interesting.. 1pm rolled up, header "duck farts" sounded, then the relay EOM and then about 30 seconds of static, hiss and crackles.  Not as bad as other stations however.

read the running digest at http://boards.radio-info.com/smf/index.php?topic=201117.0


Church Fail

It's no wonder Christians get a bad rap..

Bellow is a letter from the Cornerstone Reformed Church sent by "Pastor" Burke Shade;

which was featured in today's FailBlog.

I suppose any organization has the right to remove members but I didn't know that an organization possessed the keys to hell and heaven.  According to this organization's own statement of faith, "sinners from every nation to be redeemed by the Holy Spirit, through the atoning death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ"  So they claim to believe that Jesus is the way to heaven but the letter seams to also state they they have a say so in that decision as well.

I can only thank God that He didn't leave my salvation up to the thoughts and intentions of man.  If, a board could take a vote on my salvation- i'd be doomed.

"and this book was called, Ha your gonna burn!"




Poor George

there comes a time when you quit feeling sorry for the people that fall for these things.

From: "Trustees"<trustees@solicitors.com>
Subject: Will
Date: October 25, 2011 9:01:52 AM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Reply-To: <lawofficeinuse@gala.net.>
On behalf of the Trustees and Executors of the estate of Late George Brumley, I wish to notify you that he  made you one of the beneficiaries of his estate.
Please reply with your contact details.Regards


To graffiti or not to graffiti

Photo Oct 21, 4 48 13 PM

I've never been one for bumper stickers or other paraphernalia on my vehicles.  As a matter of fact, the only thing i would sport on my vehicle was the occasional "support magnetic ribbons" ribbon mocking those who would put any such ribbons on their cars.  So… Patti got me this vinyl the other day for my car “I know you probably wont use it but I got it anyway”

You know, I can’t think of a kid who I am prouder of more than Hannah.  I wouldn’t have considered myself a band geek growing up but I was at least a band nerd.  From 7th grade we started participating with the varsity band.  Loading and unloading.. carrying instruments banners, etc etc.  8th grade year we even got to mach with the band.  There really isn't an experience quiet like marching for a 1A (1/2 a more like it) school on a grass band filed with gopher holes and ant hills.  My freshman year was the last year our school had football so there wasn't much chance to march other than the occasional parade.

With Hannah being part of the band gave Patti and I both the chance to relive our band careers.  We've had the chance to watch her preform in front of huge crowds and always do an outstanding job.  As much work as it is, there really isn't anyplace else i'd rather be on a friday night than watching her perform on a game night.  I missed one game because i was in Dallas and i've thought about taking one or two nights off occasionally but i just couldn't pass up the chance to see her perform again.

I can't help but say i'm proud of what she's accomplished and the detection she herself has shown to her section and band.  There are times when i find her loading the trailer or the trucks usually outdoing the boys just standing around.  Kind of reminds me of myself 15 years ago.

So.. without hesitation, i have no qualm about putting a sticker on my car showing just how proud of her that I am.  Tonight is pigskin.  The big competition that everyone's been working so hard for.

One of the band directors said it best today on Facebook..

Dear God, 3 months of triple digit weather practices, longs hours on our parking lot, perfecting an extremely difficult drill (page by page), many loads of sweaty laundry (thanks mom ☺), breaking sticks/mallets/drum heads/keyboard strings/ chime cords (you name it, we’ve probably broken it), making new life long friends, striving to always do our best, wearing the “purple and gold” with pride, being blessed with the world’s greatest band boosters, all while being guided by our band directors. Today we perform the finished product at our Region XV UIL Marching Competition. We ask that you guide us tonight and throughout all our lives. Amen

So as we gear up for the final moments, no matter what the judges may think.. you are a One in our eyes.


About a year ago Apple yanked all the apps that used API's to scan for wireless signals.  Fortunate for me I had downloaded this cool little app long before they pulled them.  It's been a great tool for as long as i've had an iPhone but today after the upgrade to iOS5, WiFiFoFum no longer works 🙁  i guess i have one use for my android.

actually i have a 3g around that won't accept ios5 as well as a few itouches that could probably find a new home in my tool bag.





Well Fargo gone phishing

So I got this crafty email today:


Seams legit right?  I mean, except for the fact that it went to one of my junk email addresses.. So I inspect the link before I click (like all good boys should) and sure enough the first link was a valid wellsfargo link but the 2nd took me to knickerbockerpartners.com

So cautiously I proceed to see what they are trying to do..


so I give them my sworn enemy's ssn since she hasn’t learned the importance of protecting herself from id theft yet. 


Now they want the pin number..

what happens after this.  It redirects back to the real site. 


In the time it took to make this post, the site appears to be inactive.  Phoey, I wanted to try a sql injection scheme aginst them to see if anyone actually fell for the bait.. possibly cut off their access too.  oh well.  maybe nexttime. 

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