I guess i’m a sucker for punishment but it’s so close to church, when i need a quick meal it’s convenient.  And the food isn’t bad at all.  It’s just the service.  and not just this burgerking, just about any burgerking i visit has the same results.  I love the “Frozen Cokes (ICEE)” and the onion rings with the zesty sauce.  But most of the time, the forzen coke doesn’t work, they don’t include the sauce, they include onions in the burger when i ask for none.  Recently they began a national thing on the back of the receipts you could call a number and do an electronic survey.  great!  Now i finally have a chance to tell them how much the valley restaurants suck in service.  (You can’t do it online, i’ve tried.)  The first question in the survey is “what is the store number of the restaurant you visited”  I turned over the receipt, found Store # but after that was blank!  What, they new how much they sucked and so people couldn’t complain they took that off the receipt?  So.. back online, looked up the location and it revealed the store number.  So.. when you call to complain on the survey line about the BK next to church, it’s store# 12431

i just came back from lunch, stopped by BK here in weslaco (store# 13003) and of course they got the order wrong.  Big surprise.

The survey phone number is 1-866-425-4745 and takes about 4 minutes.