bussiness as usual…

Well.. time warner still hasn’t showed up. This is what… 3 weeks now.. i wonder what they have to say about it.. let’s find out…. ha.. they say yes.. it shows that they needed to come back with some equiptment but also shows that it hasn’t been delivered. Don’t you just love great customer service. Sunday we had a birthday party for Jimmy. Went to valley bowl and played two games with them. It was fun.. i hadn’t been bowling in a long time. I didn’t do to bad. That place brings back memories. I remember hanging out with Thelma and that other girl.. there were other people with us too. we used to always go on some day of the week.. don’t quite remember which. *sigh* some things never leave you.

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  1. I found out that John Richards knows the GM.. so i’ll draft up a nice (not) email and let patti revise it and send it off to them. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

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