but it was like night and day with him?

but it was like night and day with him.? Or possibly i just had the wrong first impression(s) about him.? He took me out to lunch eay day and we got to talk.? On the last day i was there he asked, “So you wanna hear a story?” i though.. ok.. sure.? He went on to describe his first impressions of me.. and how he reported that to danny when danny had asked what his first impression of me was.? He was honest in saying that i didn’t know any of the broadcast software or hardware but i don’t think danny took that as criticism.? But i think we’ve gotten a new understanding of eachother.? They, being matt and him, have been talking of making this more a regular thing.? Like go by once a month and keep up with there stuff.? They need someone to do that for them but the fact that it’s 2 hours away just really sucks.? If i didn’t have to drive i’d be alot more willing to do it.? I just don’t like the drive.. and there isn’t really anything to do out there when your alone.? So yeah it kind of sucks all around. Hitman, sorry i didn’t get your note until this morning.? Let me know next time you want to get together.