Career Day

I was doing some work in at the radio station in preparation for the George Strait contest they are doing. 100th caller wins tickets to this show. yeah… a little taxing on my system so i need to reallocate some stuff around. Accidentally caused the whole thing to reboot. as it came back up im’ watching the readout on my screen. Mostly for diagnostic purposed but i’m also able to keep tabs on all calls comming in and out of the system. at that same moment, i noticed a call from a San Isidro number dial into irene’s desk. Why would someone from SI be calling promotions? Being the nosey self i am, i asked her about it. They are doing a career day and wanted someone from the radio station to go out there and do a presentation. I mentioned that SI was my old alma mater and volunteered to go out there. Now.. i have to come up with a way to make a presentation that would be interesting talking about what i do. I may just take a mini FM transmitter, a mic and cd player and let the kids “go on the air” Maybe even a HD radio (assuming they can pick it up way out there) This promises to be fun. starts at 9 in the morning though, i wonder if there is a hotel i could stay at over there rather than wake up at some ungodly hour.

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  1. by the way… you need to load some newer photos for your banner on your website… these are getting old….

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